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Smider is a sound
agency for visual media.

We work with creatives and brands to communicate with music and sound
through every kind of media.

We compose custom narrative
music and design sound for moving pictures.

The agency offers an unconventional flavour driven by a taste for experimental
compositions mixed with the use of traditional instruments.

All Audio Branding Fashion gaming Ident Installation Motion Design Narrative Original Music Sound Design Trailer Tvc

Directors Marco Gentile
Cdp Filmmaster
Sound / Music / VO Smider
Voice talent Rob Ricotta

Director Riccardo Chemello

Cdp The box Film

Edit Julien Panzarasa

Sound Smider

Production: Filmmaster

Director: Carlani e Dogana

Music and sound: Smider

Direction Ditroit
Creative Director Salvatore Giunta
Design & Development:
Claudio Gasparollo
Martin Vokaty
Christian Cabiddu
Mantas Bardauskas
Matteo Nicoli
Andrew Prousalis
Enrico Albanese
Giedrius Paulauskas
Dave Stewart
Producer Noemi Bugli
Music Smider
Client Procter & Gamble Brand
Pantene Brand Manager
Arnaud Beaumont
Sonia Lucci
Art Director Jiyoni Kim
Executive Producer Guido Marchetti

Production Aggressive
Sound Agency Smider
Composer Nick Chotckowski



Creative Director
Salvatore Giunta

Design & Development
Claudio Gasparollo
Martin Vokaty
Christian Cabiddu
Matteo Nicoli
Andrew Prousalis
Giovanni Mauro
Pietro Furbatto
Sergio Papa

Noemi Bugli











Direction / design / Tavo
Music / sound / Smider

Agency Armando Testa
Post Little Bull
Sound Smider

Third and final part of the trilogy on the Asian cinematographic universe, created for the opening titles of the Udine Far East Film Festival.

Design / Animation  Nerdo
Music / Sound  Smider

Director Alberto Accetulli
Sound / Music Smider

Directors Cut Version
Agency: BBDO
Director: Benito Montorio
Cdp: The Family
Edit: Marcello Saurino
Music and Sound: Smider

Production: Stink Moscow
Director: Lorenzo Gironi
Dop: Alessandro Ubaldi
Post: Francesca Intellisano
Music / Sound and Voice talent: Smider

Motion and design / Seen Vision
Music / Smider

CG Production by Playful
Rep. Company: Cartel & Co
Executive Producer: Ian Gipe
Line Producer: Nadir Aslam
Creative & Art Director: Pablo Alfieri
EP & CG Coordinator: Agustina Santkovsky
IT & R&D Artist: Matias Furno
CG Artists: Juan Coria, Alvaro Navarro, Pablo Alfieri
R&D Artists: Matias Furno & Gabriel Morala
CG Animation: Maximiliano Riedels
CG Modelling: Mateo Vallejo
Music: Smider

Directed by Santi Zoraidez
Art Direction & Design: Santi Zoraidez
Sound: Smider

Venice is flooded by the highest tide since 1960
Australia is under catastrophic bushfires
In California over 94000 acres have already burned
We are living the 6th mass extinction (remember dinosaurs?)
We ingest 5 gr of plastic every week
Trump confirms US will leave the Paris climate agreement
Jane Fonda got arrested 4 times in a row because of her activism



Design / Animation Nerdo
Sound Smider

Design / Animation – Ditroit
Sound – Smider

Produced and designed by Visual Signal
Music production Smider
Music Supervisor / creative direction Guido Smider
Music Producer Niccolo Chotkowski
Vocals Alessandro Malcangi, Marina Vampo

Production Utopia

Sound Smider

Creative Direction: Ogilvy Social. Lab
Creative and Art Direction: Theo Baron

Live Action Production Company: DarkHorse
E.P: Brigitte Baudine

Directed by: Playful
CG Production: Playful
Director: Pablo Alfieri
E.P & CG Coordinator: Agustina Santkovsky
IT & R&D Artist: Matias Furno
Art Director & CG Artist: Diego Diapolo
CG Artists: Diego Diapolo, Francisco Rossi, Sebastian Morales, Pablo Alfieri
R&D Artists: Matias Furno, Dave Stewart, Jose Gallardo, Olivier Jeannel, Diego Diapolo
Product Modelling: Lucas Samoriva
CG Animation: Macs Riedel, Javier Bianchi
Edition: Macs Riedel & Pablo Alfieri
Montage & Post-Production: Pablo Alfieri
Color Grading: Anahi Piccinin
Music by: Smider
Music Artists: Guido Smider & Niccolò Chotkowski

Client – Yamaha
Agency – DLV BBDO
Director – Mauro Vecchi
Production Company – Casta Diva
DP – Emanuele Zarlenga
Color Grading – Daniel Pallucca
Music / Sound – Smider

Direction Ditroit
Creative Direction Salvatore Giunta
Lighting and Shading Claudio Gasparollo
Animation Yambo, Mariusz Becker, Philip Luck, Rory McLean
Simulation Dave Stewart
Lipstick Model Enrico Albanese
UI Christian Cabiddu, Saar Oz
Producer Noemi Bugli
Music Smider

Client: RAI 4
Creative Direction: Roberto Bagatti
Design / animation: Nerdo
Music / Sound design: Smider

Finalist for best use of original music at Promax 2019.

Client: Land O’Lakes
Agency: Colle McVoy
Directed by: Aggressive
Production & VFX: Aggressive
Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro, Alex Mikhaylov 
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Producer: Alexander Aab
3D Artists: Artemy Perevertin, Vitaliy Babich, Daniil Rybkin
2D Artist: Vladimir Tomin
360 Sound Design & Music: Smider
Production Manager: Won Cha

Chief Creative Officer: Alessandro Sabini

Chief Strategy Officer: Giovanni Lanzarotti

Senior Copywriter: Chiara Castiglioni

Senior Art Director: Edoardo Aliata

Color Artist: Daniel Pallucca

Registi: Marco Bellone e Giovanni Consonni

Executive producer: Cesare Fracca

Producer: Attilio Abate

Music: Smider

Design and animation Nerdo
Music Smider

Director: Marco Gentile

Cdp: Filmmaster production

Music / sound : Smider

Client: MUZ TV
Production company: LOOP
Creative Directors: Alex MIkhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov
Art Director: Alex MIkhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Modelling: E.D.Satan, Dmitriy Paukov
3D Animation: Artemy Perevertin, Dmitriy Paukov
Rendering, Сompositing: Max Chelyadnikov
Music / Sound: Smider

Directed by NERDO

Original trailer’s music Smider

Design / Animation Playfull

Music Smider

Client: Rai
Animation: Alkanoids
Creative Direction: Roberto Bagatti
Music: Smider

Agency: Publicis Paris
Cinematographer: Giuseppe Favale
Editor: Leo Gatelier
Colorist: Mathieu Caplanne
Music supervisor and Sound Designer: Smider

Directed by Georgia Tribuiani
Produced by Undercover.Works & Psyop
EP/Producer: Ari Davis
EP: Eric Nung, Undercover.Works
EP: Monica Reimold, Psyop
With Kayla Gallagher & Frank Nadolny
DOP: Eli Goldstein
Photographer/VHS: Stefano Galli
Set: Designer Lauren Machen
Stylist: Giorgia Tramontano
Editor: Zaldy Lopez, Exile Edit
Colorist: Arianna Shining Star, Apache
Sound: Smider
Foley: Guido Smider and Daniele De Virgilio
Design: Jodie Gatlin, New Work Studio

Client: Luxottica
Brand: Persol
Director: The Apiary
DP: Francesca Pavoni
CDP: K48
EP: Barbara Guieu
Producer: Alice Garbelli
Set Designer: Elena Mora
Editor: Edoardo Setti
Grading: Orash Rahnema
Music and sound: Smider

Directed by: Mathery 
Director of Photography: Matthew J. Smith 
Stylist: Coline Bach
Hair and Make up: Eve Coles
Grade: Danny Wood
Producer: Kerry Smart
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Music / Sound Agency: Smider
Agency: Mother London
Client: Ikea

Director and animator Dario Imbrogno
Cinematographer Giancarlo Morieri
setdesigners Giulia Damiani, Carlo Cossignani
setdesigner assistant Margherita Crespi
Postproduction Emilio Sapia
music / soundesign Guido Smider
H.production Tapeless Film

Proudly made by Nerdo
Original music and sound by Smider

Design and animation B-O-D
Music and sound Smider

Client: Save the Children IT
Production: Basement
Agency: Lateral
Dir: Vittorio Bonaffini
Dop: Alessandro Ubaldi
AC: Rocco Cirifino
2AC: Andrea Munafò
Editor: Filippo Patelli
Colorist: Daniel Pallucca
Music and sound design: Guido Smider
Foley artist: Guido Smider, Daniele De virgilio

Shot in Nepal and Uganda.

Client // Zywiec // Heineken Group
Agency // 2012 Agency
Executive Creative Directors // Maciej Marasek, Marcin Pucyk
Art Director // Kamil Kotarba
Copywriter // Marcin Pucyk
Production company // Opus Film, Warsaw
Ex.Producers // Michal Chichomski, Jarek Parzyjagla
Cinematographed by Wouter Westendorp
Cinematographer for the lake scene // Michal Dabal
Color artist // Claudio Beltrami
Edited by B+C, Wojciech Wlodarski
Original score and sound design // Smider
Art Directors // Janusz Mazurczak, Lisa Hart
Stylists // Laura Meek, Valter Kobal, Anna Bilicka
Line producer for Atomik Pictures // Keah Bews
1st AD // Tony Tex
Post production and VFX // Televisor, Warsaw
Director’s Agent // Mary Spagliardi, Lizards
Shot in Cape Town, Warsaw, Austria.

Created by C41studio
Creative director: Luca Attilio Caizzi
Director: Leone
Dop: Luca Costantini
Executive manager: Valentina Mentasti
Words by: Alessandro De Agostini
Production assistant: Carlo Banfi
Editor: Roberto Bella
Music and foley and sound design: Smider
Color Grading: Orash Ranhema

The Artists’ Room

Inspired by the four letters that makes the OFFF festival’s name, “The Artists’ Room” tells the story of Oliver, Frida, Federica and Fiona who as they talk, never pronounce their initials.

The O and Fs sounds are indeed saved for the final performance, opening the festival.

Written & Directed by: Mathery
Production Company: 1st Ave Machine
Producer: Kerry Smart
Executive Producers: Isabella Parish Sam Penfield Serge Patzak
Director of Photography: Matthew J. Smith
Production Designer: Oliver Hogan
Costume Designer: Coline Bach
Hair & Make Up: Polly Mossman
Editor: James Wright
Colourist: Danny Wood
Flame: Kieran Baxter
Music and sound design: Smider
Graphic Design: Pietro Tarsitano

Frida: Emma Laird
Federica: Freya Warsi
Fiona: Lydia Graham
Oliver: Ed Rollit

1st Assistant Director: Sataish Oshea
2nd Assistant Director: Eleri Shone
Casting: Hammond & Cox
Production Assistant: Neama Batichi
Focus Puller: Ran Geffen
Clapper Loader: Jean Ash
Key Grip: Pete Olney
DIT: Jeremy Balderstone
Video Playback: Nick Forrester
Sound Engineers: Alan Mac Feely, Niall Cropper
Gaffer: Neil Blackman
Electrician: John Burke, Ricky Churchouse, Seamus Shanley
Rigger: Gary Ridgewell, Luke Ridgewell
Camera & Grip Equipment: Arri Media
Electrical Equipment: Panalux
Props Master: Alfie Fielding
Props Buyer: Tors Beadles
Art Department Assistants: Afra Zamara, Hannah Clarke, Jason Lee Thraves, Lottie Highfield
Standby Props: James Middleton
Construction Manager: Zane McGill
Forest Costume Supplied by: Marios
Dressing Room Costume Supplied by: Fantabody
Stylist Assistant: Daniel Gray, Mahatma Michael
Hair & Make Up Assistant: Nisha Aulum, Hannah Kueck, Helena Jopling
Music composition: Guido Smider and Michele Caiati
Music and sound design: Smider
Music composition: Guido Smider and Michele Caiati
Singers: Mila Trani and Gianmarco Trevisan.
Flute: Alessandro Malcangi
Guitar: Michele Caiati
Drum: Martino Malacrida
Foley artist and sound fx: Guido Smider, Andrea Pestarino, Daniele De Virgilio.
Edit House: TenThree
Assistant Editor: Chay MacTavish
Post Production House: ENVY

Roberto Bagatti – Chief of Brand and Creative
Eva Pierdominici – Coordination

For Nerdo
Daniele Gavatorta – Concept, Direction and Animation
Milena Tipaldo – Animation and Clean up
Francesco Forti – Animation
Adolfo Di Molfetta – Animation
Diego Pizziconi – Executive production

Music, Sound design – Smider

Directed by Mauro Vecchi
Written by Luca Speranzoni, Mauro Vecchi

Executive Producers // Barbara Guieu, Leone Balduzzi

Produced by:
K48 // Barbara Guieu, Leone Balduzzi
Play Rough Films // Mauro Vecchi, Giordana Rabitti
La Polveriera // Leonardo Morsiani

Cinematography // Mauro Chiarello Ciardo
Editing // Marcello Sanna
Color Grading // Orash Rahnema
Trailer Sound and Music // Smider
Production Designer // Stella Lombardo
Costume Designer // Lucia Gallone
Hair and Make-Up // Ida Coppola
Press and Festivals // Simona Chiarello Ciardo
Art direction // Luca Caizzi@C41 STUDIO

Agency: TBWA Paris
Production Company: ELSE 
Cinematographer: Johan Hannu
Editor: Marcello Saurino
Colorist: Claudio Beltrami
Audio: Smider

Direction: Ditroit
Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
Design: Salvatore Giunta, Matteo Nicoli
Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
Animation: Matteo Nicoli, Vincenzo Memeo
Editing: Matteo Nicoli
Producer: Ada Korvafaj
Audio: Smider

Agent: Beeta
Executive Producer: Beatriz Romero
Client: Diesel

Design, Animation: SerialCut

Music, sound: Smider

Agency M&C Saatchi
Production Utopia
Executive Producer Federico Fornasari
Director Marco Prestini
Dop Giuseppe Favale
Production Manager Giovanni La Monaca
Editor Manuel Savoia
Music & Sound Design Smider 
Stylist Veronica Mazziotta
Producer Nicholas Grundy
Editor Assistant Valentina Landenna
Colorist Orash Ranhema
Compositing Simon Gottlieb, Luca Cingolani
Make-up Serena Congiu

Direction Ditroit
Art Direction Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto
Design Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto, Matteo Nicoli
Modeling Giovanni Mauro
Lighting and Shading Claudio Gasparollo
Animation Cristian Acquaro, Matteo Nicoli
Producer Ada Korvafaj
Music and Sound Design Smider

Production Company Withstand
Executive Producer Davide Ferazza
Producer Ilaria Celeghin

Director Daniele Zennaro
Cdp Filmmaster MEA
Music / sound Smider


Mps – 2017

Director Marco Gentile
DP Mauro Chiarello
Edit Marco Ferrara
Cdp Filmmaster
Music / Sound Smider

Director Mauro Vecchi
Written Luca Speranzoni
Produced Play Rough Films & Marcello Zappador

Executive Producer // Mauro Vecchi, Marco Agnesi
DOP // Mauro Chiarello Ciardo
Colourist // Orash Rahnema
Production Designer // Stella Lombardo
Costume Designer // Lucia Gallone
Make-Up Artist // Ida Coppola
Music // Smider
Sound design // Guido Smider, Niccolò Chotkowski
Editors // Mauro Vecchi, Guido Fonio
Post Production // Spaghetti 3D
Casting Directors // Giacomo Bruno, Barbara Guieu, Iso Studio Milano



BNL 2016
Director  Marco Gentile
DP  Mauro Chiarello
Music and Sound  Smider
Color Grading  Orash Rahnema

Design animation Bonsaininja
Sound identity Smider

Client Conde Nast
Creative Director Rachele Willig
Director Leone
DOP Francesca Pavoni
Editor Giovanni D’Anniballe
Line Producer Patrizia Gatto
Music and Sound Design Guido Smider e Michele Caiati
Color Grading Orash Ranhema
Focus Puller Simone Felici

Production Company K48
Director Leone
Dop Luca Costantini
Line Producer Meg Belvedere
Art Director Enrico Magistro
Concept Sergio Penzo @Panthalassa
Editor Roberto Bella
Music Guido Smider e Michele Caiati
Cello Bruna di Virgilio
Sound Design Smider
Color Grading Orash Rahnema
VFX Xchanges Milano
Wrangler Animal House

Director Marco Gentile
Production company Filmmaster
Music and sound design Smider

Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti. Client: RAI. Design: Florencia Picco.
Music and Sound Branding: Smider.

Reebok – Made From Sweat

Director: Roberto Saku Cinardi. Agency: Venables Bells + Partners. Production Company: The Lost Films Shangai
Cinematographer: Giuseppe Favale. Editor: Matt Osborne. Grading: Orash Rahnema.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Foley: Andrea Pestarino, Guido Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @ Smider.

Design and Animation: Nerdo.
Music and Sound design: Smider.

Director: Ced Pakusevskij. Client: RAI. Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti.
FullScream: Csaba Polgar, Marco Massignani, Dragana Mandic, Giovanni Bianchet.
Music & Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: Ditroit. Client: Medusa Film / Mediaset Group. Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta.
Design and Animation: Cristian Acquaro. Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo. Creative Direction: Mirko Pajè.
Art Direction: Francesco Lo Torto. Producer: Andrea Chinese.
Sound Design: Smider. Music Rearrangement: Smider.

Director: Van Khokhlov. DOP: Francesca Pavoni. Production: K48. Producer: Martina Bruno.
Art Director: Achraf Boui. Editor: Van Khokhlov. Colorist: Orash Rahnema.
Music and Sound design: Guido Smider, Niccolò Chotkowski.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi. Director: Roberto Saku Cinardi. Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana.
Creative Director: Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli. Art Director: Alessandro Orlandi.
Senior Copywriter: Antonio Di Battista. Dop: Giuseppe Favale. Editor: Marcello Saurino.
Production: Think Cattleya. Executive Producer: Philip Rogosky.
Producer: Martino Benvenuti. PR & Digital Agency: APCO Worldwide.
Music and Sound Design: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.

Client: Timberland. Direction: Beppe Tufarulo & Andrea Casadio.
Agency: Vice Uk. Production: TapelessFilm.
Music: Smider.

Agency: Flash Factory FilmsProduction. Production Company: Virgin Soil Pictures. Director: Marco Prestini.
Production: Malcolm Duncan. Cinematography: Mike Reyes. Production Design: Michelle Patterson.
Starring: Nathaniel Dam. Editor: Aaron Bencid. Colorist: Marco Prestini. Art Director: Audrey Rosenberg.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.
Drums: Matteo Rebulla @Smider. Voice: Simona Severini @Smider.
Foley: Andrea Pestarino. Sound Design and Mix: Guido Smider.

Creative Direction: Bonsaininja Studio. Art Direction: Andrea Bax. Illustrations: Andrea Bax.
Animations: Andrea Bax, Alessandro Iacobino.
Music & Sound Design: Smider.

Direction:  CRIC. Book Author: Alessandro D’Avenia. Mondadori Associated Producer: Jacopo Milesi.
Production: Dinamo. Executive Prod.: Niccolò Dal Corso. Line Producer: Ferdinando Bisleti.
Camera Assistant: Gabriele Remotti. Editors: Marco Costa, Stuart Greenwald. Colorist: Anna Visigalli @Corte11
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: Ditroit.  Client: Armani. Art Direction and Set Design: Salvatore Giunta.
Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Enrico Albanese. Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo.
Animation: Cristian Acquaro. Agency: Lorenzo Banal.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: Ditroit. Client: MTV.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Agency: Verba DDB. CDP: Karen. Director: Alberto Colombo.
Music: Smider.

Direction: NERDO. Art Direction: Alessadro Durando. Coordination: Diego Pizziconi.
Animation: Alessandro Durando, Milena Tipaldo, Riccardo Chiara, Erik Righetti. Creative Direction for DDD: Filippo Spiezia.
Music and Sound Design: Smider + Koolmorf.

Production: The Blink Fish. Direction: Matteo Grimaldi e Giacomo Boeri. Production Manager: Marco Agnesi.
DOP: Francesco Galli. Camera Assistant: Niccolò Di Guida. Gaffer. Adriano Ferracin.
Edit: Matteo Grimaldi. Colorist: Lorenzo Ameri. Art Direction and Production Design: Gabriele Cavalchi.
Set Builder: Mattia Pozzi.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi. Production: Think Cattleya. Director: Giuseppe Favale. Editor: Marcello Saurino.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Drummer: Martino Malacrida.

Production: Think Cattleya, Virgin Soil Pictures & Flash Factory. Director: Marco Prestini.
Writer: Alexander Craven & Marco Prestini. Executive producer: Monica Riccioni. Producer: Malcolm Duncan.
Line Producers: Alannah Campion & Andrea Sastoque. Dop: Patrick Jones. Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz.
Editing and Color: Marco Prestini. Title Design: Kian Ansari. Production Sound: Justin Fraker.
Starring: Kendall Walters, Delilah Parillo, Larsen Thompson, Julian Klincewicz.
Art Director: Taylor Robinson. Producer Digital: Letizia Di Battista. Art Director: Sean Hobman.
Music and Sound design: Smider. Drums: Matteo Rebulla. Original Song: Solitude – Julian Klincewicz.

Direction and Illustration: Ilenia Notarangelo. Client: UEFA. Production ILLO.
Storytelling and Animation: Luca Gonnelli. Animation and Cel: Miriam Palopoli
Animation: Matteo Ruffinengo. Animation: Oliver Dead.
Music and Sound Design: Smider

Art Direction, Animation: Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta, Lorenzo Levrero. Additional Animator: Riccardo Chiara.
Client: LaEffe. Head of Content and Communication: Riccardo Chiattelli.
Brand Manager: Fabio Pietranera. Music: Smider.
Music supervisor and creative direction: Guido Smider e Michele Caiati @ Smider.
Sound engineer: Andrea Pestarino. Drummer: Martino Malacrida.

Director: Marco Gentile. Production: RSA Films.
Music And Sound Design: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider

Client: Sky Italia. Design and Animation: Bonsai ninja.
Music and sound design: Smider.

Director: Mauro Vecchi. Client: Hype. Production: Black Mamba Production.
Dop: Mauro Chiarello Ciardo. Text: Luca Speranzoni. Color Grading: Daniel Pallucca @Corte11.
Music: Guido Smider e Michele Caiati @Smider. Sound design: Guido Smider. Voice Talent: Rob Ricotta @Smider.

Director: Bellone & Consonni. Dop: Bellone & Consonni. Executive Producer: Marco bresciani.
Sound Design and Music: Guido Smider.

Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: Ditroit. Client: Fendi. Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto.
Design: Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto, Cristian Acquaro, Andrea Stragapede.
Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Pietro Furbatto. Lighting and Shading: Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto, Alberto Blasi.
Rigging: Cristian Acquaro, Giovanni Mauro. Animation: Cristian Acquaro, Andrea Stragapede. Compositing: Salvatore Giunta.
Agency: Withstand. Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza. Producer: Ilaria Celeghin.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: NERDO. Client: Sky Italia. Art direction, Animation: Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta, Lorenzo Levrero.
Project Manager: Diego Pizziconi. Sky Terrestrial Channels Director: Antonella D’Errico.
Director and Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda.Art director: Leonardo Mannella.
Music and Sound Branding: Smider.

Director: Alberto Colombo. Client: Bvulgari. Producer: Tommaso Pellicci. Dop: Alessandro Pavoni.
Editor: Luca Garavoglia. Production Designer: Totoi Santoro. Colorist: Luca Parma.
Model: Anna Speckhart. Stylist: Ingrid Pastore. Make Up Artist: Antonella Sorrenti.
Music: Smider.

Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Agency: stvDDB. Client: Lamborghini. Director: Alberto Colombo.
Executive Creative Director: Luca Cortesini, Michelangelo Cianciosi.
Art director: Daniel Cambò. Copywriter: Luca Bartoli. Cdp: Karen Film.
Dop: Alessandro Pavoni. Executive Producer: Tommaso Pellicci.
Producer: Simona Luciano. Vfx: EDI effetti digitali. Vfx Supervisor: Stefano Leoni.
Photographer: Max Sarotto.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.
Sound Design: Guido Smider, Andrea Damiano @Smider.

Agency: Verba. Client: Audi. Production: Karen. Director: Alberto Colombo.
Music: Smider.

Direction: Pietro Malegori. Production: Pietro Malegori. Writer: Elia Adami.
Story: Pietro Malegori, Elia Adami. Starring: Yoon C. Joyce, Dolma Lisa Dorjee. Edited: Pietro Malegori.
Associate Producer: Alessandra Sutto. Cinematographer: Michele Brandstetter De Bellesini.
Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider. Sound Design and Foley: Guido Smider, Andrea Pestarino, Davide Saggioro @Smider.

Client: Dompé – Eugenio Aringhieri, Alessandro Aquilio, Laura Sprea, Benedetta Bitozzi. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi.
Regional Creative Director EMEA: John Pallant. Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana.
Creative Director: Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli. Art Director: Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli.
Copywriter: Antonio Di Battista, Leonardo Cotti. Account manager: Francesca Bertocco.
Senior Digital Strategist: Stefano Caridi. TV Producer: Erica Lora-Lamia. Starring: Tommaso Galluppi.
Production: Al One Srl. Director: Roberto Saku Cinardi. Color Correction: Claudio Beltrami, Andrea Bomba @BAND
Dop: Luca Esposito. Executive Producer: Alan Vele. Editor: Marcello Saurino.
Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.
Sound design: Guido Smider.

Direction: NERDO. Client: Cielo TV. Director and Creative Supervisor: Costanza Bombarda.
Sky Terrestrial Channels Director: Antonella D’Errico.
Art Direction, Concept, Design, Animations: Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta, Lorenzo Levrero.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider. Voice: Marcella Malacrida @Smider.

Agency: M&C Saatchi. Client: Sky Italia. Design, VFX: FrameStore.
Sound Design and Foley: Smider.

Direction, Motion Design: NERDO.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Direction: Ditroit. Design: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta. Modeling: Fabiano Di Liso, Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta, Giovanni Mauro, Andrea Stragapede.
Shading & Lighting: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta. Rigging: Giacomo Lietti, Enrica Paltrinieri. Character Animation: Paolo Cerva, Daniela Zanne.
Animation: Pietro Furbatto, Andrea Stragapede, Daniela Zanne. Fluid Simulation: Karolina Sereikaite.
Compositing: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta. Editing: Daniela Zanne.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Client: Gatorade. Agency: DLV BBDO. Director: Francesco Calabrese.
Dop: 2DoP. Editor: Manuele Gerosa. Producer: Marijana Vukomanovich, Tommaso Fajdiga.
Post: Proxima Milano. Color: Claudio @Proxima Milano.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Design and Animation: Ditroit.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Director: Marco Gentile. CDP: Filmmaster. Editor: Marco Battiloro.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.

Client: Toyota Europe. Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati.

Director: Marco Prestini. Production: Flash Factory.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Voice: Domitilla.

Agency: DVL BBDO. Creative Director: Federico Pepe, Nicola Cellemme.
Dop: Marcello Dapporto. Copywriter: Stefania Siani. Producer: Alice Vianello.
Sound Design: Smider.

Director: Pietro Malegori. Dop: Michele Brandstetter. Producer: Alessandra Sutto.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Guido Smider. Foley and Sound Mix: Andrea Pestarino.
Sound Recording: Gianluca Aversano.

Design and Animation: Nerdo.
Music and Sound Design: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati.

Design and Animation: Ditroit. Direction: Alex Tacchi.
Music and Sound Design: Smider.

Client: Salini Impregilo. Direction: Cric. Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza . Cinematographer: Luca Esposito.
Line Producer: Tommaso Dragoni, Marijana Vukomanovic. Color Grade: Claudio Beltrami @BAND.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music : Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider.
Sound design: Guido Smider. Speaker: Graham @FOCALRHYTHM.


Client: QNB Bank. Agency: JWT Qatar. Director: Marco Gentile. Dop: Mauro Chiarello.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Guido Smider. Sound Design: Guido Smider.

Client: Golden Goose. Director: Marco Prestini. Dop: Edward Tran.
Producer: Malcolm Duncan. Art Director: Ava Villafane. Editor: Aaron Bencid.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Guido Smider, Michele Caiati @Smider. Voice: Simona Severini @Smider.
Vo Artist: Eve Rydberg.

Client: Clockbeats. Director: Marco Prestini. Production: Flash Factory and Virgin Soil Pictures.
Producer: Malcolm Duncan. Cinematographer: Mike Reis. Art Director: Rocco Vincent.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Paolo Mantini. Additional Music: Guido Smider.
Sound Design: Guido Smider. Vo Artist: Rob Ricotta @Smider.

Client: FIAT. Agency: Leo Burnett Turin. Production Company: MPTBOX.
Director: Maki Gherzi. DOP: Luca Esposito. Editing: Sergio Pugliatti. Color: Claudio Beltrami @Band 22.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music: Guido Smider e Michele Caiati. Sound design: Guido Smider, Caglar Sengul @Smider.

Client: Nissan. Director: Marco Gentile. Production: RSA.
Sound Agency: Smider. Music and Sound Design: Smider.

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